About Us


Ripon Auto Body & tow was founded by Enrique Cardenas. It specializes in the repair and maintenance of medium and high-end vehicles, acquiring great prestige. During these years we have formed a human and technical team specialized in the care, preparation and maintenance of vehicles of all kinds as well as offering a fast and safe towing service.

We satisfy the demand of our customers and adapt to the new demands of the automotive market. Our facilities are equipped with the best employees, as well as the ideal security and work measures for the development of our services, which translates into an optimal service quality for our clients.

Our repair services ensure that your vehicle will be in top condition from the first time. We work under the standardized process, in which from appointment in our service workshop we assign an expert technician who will accompany the repair process from the reception of the vehicle to the assurance of the quality of the repair and delivery of the vehicle, achieving high levels of satisfaction in our customers.

We are proud to respond quickly to your call - no matter what your challenge is - we have the skills to get back on the road. We believe in providing high quality service at a reasonable price. So if you need help, contact us. We offer quick response times, quality repairs and service cuts. We understand that every minute counts so we strive to offer a reliable and superior service, to help you get back on the road as fast as possible.

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